The Clarks

For the past twenty-five years I, Patricia, with the help and encouragement of my husband Stoner, have been deprogramming and rescuing out of satanic cults people who were trafficked by their own families and used as sex slaves and for other nefarious purposes. Some of these were MK-ultra, New World Order slaves subjected to the most horrendous abuse imaginable. I was called by God into this ministry even though I had no formal university training in psychology, yet through prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit I have been successful in delivering many persons out of the hell of their abuse and into a normal life free of cult interference.

God has called me to build up an army of concerned Christians to do as I have done. The general consensus is that only the formally trained professionals can help these abused persons and even at that they may not recover. However, I have seen firsthand that what was done in the name of Satan must be undone in the name of Jesus Christ. People who abuse and murder others in satanic rituals experience the evil supernatural in abundance. Those of us who are called by God to deliver the survivors of this abuse must by faith release the supernatural power of God to heal these individuals. No natural based therapies or rationales will work and potentially can do more harm than good.

It is most important to understand that only those who are called by God should administer prayer and deliverance for these abused persons. Others may provide emotional and financial support (which is also a call of God) but the actual deprogramming is a special call and only those prepared by God have his grace and discernment for this ministry.

The dilemma is that many people are called by God to minister to the multitudes of abused persons around them but cannot answer the call because they know nothing about the abuse! Concomitantly the lie that only the formally trained professionals can do this pervades our churches, universities and the mental health professions.

Another quandary is that many of our churches, universities and the mental health professions have been infiltrated by Satanists. Almost all the people I minister to in America and internationally have left their churches because they found them to be unsafe. We also found this to be true in the churches we pastored resulting in our choice to leave the institutional church and meet in homes only. My husband has thoroughly researched and implemented the organic home church which was the thesis for his doctoral degree.

We are available to train others in this abuse ministry and help them establish home churches if that is their desire. It is time for the people of God to rise up into their God-ordained ministries and begin to deliver our sin-sick and abused society from the clutches of the Devil.