Sanctification in Reverse – The Essence of Satanic Ritual Abuse

This book is about good and evil…the greatest good and the greatest evil…both coming to fruition at the same time in the great end time harvest. These opposites, in type seen as two rivers, consist of people coming into the fullness of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ (Ezek 47), while at the same time others, many of whom are perpetrators of satanic ritual abuse, are coming into the fullness of evil (Rev 12:15).

It may seem strange to see these opposites presented in the same book, but because they exist concurrently, each affects the other. Confronting the fullness of evil head-on causes us to draw closer to God and grow stronger in faith and power. At the same time, there are many innocent people held captive by this heinous evil who need help from those who have the love and power of the Lord to set them free.

It is common knowledge that abuse is a fact of our times, but many people know nothing about a strange kind of abuse known as satanic ritual abuse. Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) is the practice of abusing an innocent person for the purpose of gaining satanic powers. The person is chosen for this purpose while an infant or small child. Some are even chosen from their mother’s womb. The abuse continues throughout their lifetime and will only be stopped through the intervention of the Lord Himself. Most often God will use a yielded Christian vessel through whom He can set these prisoners free. Those who are willing to minister to these most wounded of all persons will find themselves growing closer to the Lord and learning many things about the kingdom of darkness and the awesome power of the kingdom of God.

Satanic ritual abuse is abuse without limits…whatever an evil mind fueled by demons from hell can conjure up will be done to innocent children and the abuse will usually continue throughout their entire lifetime. Cultists have power to blind people’s eyes so signs of abuse will not be recognized. In addition to this, people don’t want to believe it. The typical response when told about this abuse is unbelief. Persons involved in the abuse are often trusted and respected members of society such as doctors, policemen, educators, government officials, etc. The abused person most often does not remember the abuse because of dissociation. They have also been threatened and intimidated not to tell.

Survivors of satanic ritual abuse usually cannot escape because they have been programmed for abuse. Cults through torture, hypnosis and sophisticated programming techniques cause them to form an abuse identity that locks them into the abuse. In addition to this, dissociated parts of themselves that are trained for the cult’s use are in the unconscious mind where the conscious mind cannot access them. These parts work against the person. For this reason they need a prayer helper who can bring the presence of Jesus Christ to them. He, the King of kings and Lord of lords, will find these wounded parts and draw them unto Himself. The ministry experience not only brings healing to the abused person, but also both the abused person and the helper will see the kingdom of God opening to them in ways they otherwise would never have seen.