Families Who Loan Out Their Children for Abuse

In the United States today a child goes missing every forty seconds. Every year, more than 800,000 children are missing in the United States.  What happens to all these children? The answer is not pretty. A few are found murdered. The ones who are never seen again may have been murdered in a satanic ritual or sold into slavery where they are used for sex, forced labor or other nefarious purposes.

This is horrific! But it gets even worse. There is a different form of human trafficking that you probably haven’t heard anyone talking about and that is the practice of parents giving their own children out to perpetrators to be abused for varying lengths of time and then returned home. The child may be taken for a couple of days, a few weeks or even months. The family may be sitting around the TV in the evening having what appears to be a normal family evening when there is a knock on the door and their child, with absolutely no warning or preparation, is handed over to complete strangers. The child has no idea who the people are, where he will be taken, what will happen to him or if he will ever be home again.

Another common way the child is taken is by a parent taking the child to a predetermined meeting place where the child is handed over to strangers. Again the child has no idea this is going to happen. Imagine a little child at a large shopping mall with a parent. Suddenly the child looks around and the parent has disappeared. Then a total stranger comes up to the child and takes him/her away for an undetermined length of time.

What kind of a person would give their own child away knowing that this child will be horrendously abused? This is what many Satanists (who are numerous and in all levels of society) do with their children. Children who are born into generational Satanism face this kind of abuse many times over. Their own parents may be some of the cruelest people in their life. For many there is no safe person and no safe place.

Sometimes this abandonment for abuse is done with great creativity and planning. Here is one instance I was told firsthand by a person who lived this. Little Johnny comes home from elementary school to see his mother doting on another little boy, a stranger who looks a lot like Johnny. When Johnny walks in the house, his mother looks at him in surprise and asks, “Who are you and why did you just walk into my house without even knocking on the door.” He replies, “I’m your son Johnny.” Mother exclaims, “I have never seen you before in my life. This is my son Johnny sitting right here.  You need to go on home.” He protests, “But this is my home.” Mother exclaims, “I’m going to call the police,” which she does.  The police come and take him away to an “orphanage.” But this is no normal orphanage. It is a place set up by Satanists with unlimited amounts of money where children are tortured and killed in front of other children. Some have been preselected to live and others to die. What happened to Johnny there would not be appropriate to describe in this article. He has no idea how long he was there but it seemed to be a very long time. Things of this nature happened to him over and over again.

This kind of human trafficking goes on all the time. Few talk about it or know about it. It needs to come out in the open because the people who lived through this need our help to be able to heal. Total healing is possible and that is why I’ve created this website. I want to raise awareness and teach others how to heal those among us who suffered this depth of abuse. This article only scratches the surface.